Not the story you thought..

Not the story you thought..

Back in the day when circuses used elephants, in order to break them, they used a very clever trick.

When the elephants were first brought to the circus, they were chained in with massive chains that they couldn’t break. The circus clowns would deliberately make them angry so that they would try to run, charge, or fight. Eventually, the elephants would become exhausted and resigned and realize that no matter how hard they tried, how badly they were treated, there was simply no escape.

What they didn’t know is that after their “breaking point”, the circus workers would change out the chains for small, slim ropes that could barely restrain a man, much less an elephant. The elephants could break free in a split second – but they never did, and what’s more, they never even tried. Every time they lifted a foot and felt the smallest tug of resistance, they assumed they were still bound, and continued to simply do what they were told.

Now, you’ve all heard me speak about the power of conditioning before, and this is conditioning at it’s finest, but what does it have to do with us?

Well, when I first read this story, it of course made me pity the elephants – but more, it made me pity society.

I meet people every day who began their lives with those shackles and NEVER EVEN NOTICED when they were swapped out for thread – they continue through their lives without the thought of trying to break free occurring to them, so sure are they that there’s simply no chance of escape.

Those shackles may have been your parents, loved ones or a teacher perhaps telling you all about your limitations when you were younger. They could also be your current employer, you see, I remember when I was 19 I was working for a bank making $11/hour and my boss at the time would constantly preach about how lucky we were to work there etc.

I seemed to be the only one who thought “ya, but we make $11/hour” which in my mind was a jail sentence in contrast to the life I was creating in my own mind at 19 years of age.

The longer I stewed on this I realized, nobody puts a gun to my head to show up to this life each and everyday. Fact was, I could continue on this dead end path or take action toward the future I want and deserve which is what ultimately lead me to leaving the bank and selling automobiles at the age of 20, the “chains/string” were OFF!

Well folks, let me tell you: I am a living example of the fact that you CAN break free – but once you realize that, the responsibility to walk away becomes yours.

So with that being said, I’ve got a very important question for you.

Are you going to get back to the wild?

…Or stay in the circus with the clowns?

Many of you are reading this and realizing that you have been operating beneath your true potential. For those of you that are, my podcast will deliver you a daily dose of wisdom that will show you the way to the future you want and deserve!

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For those of you who who aren’t, I’ll see you the next time I visit the circus. 😉


Alan Dickie
Alan Dickie

"Alan Dickie is a dynamic keynote speaker focused on the development of salespeople and entrepreneurs across the globe. Since beginning his career in car sales over two decades ago, Alan has been revolutionizing the way teams and individuals operate within the automotive industry while striving for excellence with everyone he works with. In 2023 Alan founded The Entrepreneurial Collective, an elite group focused on the development of entrepreneurs who are serving the world through their businesses. As a happily married, proud father of two incredible children, Alan has proven that achieving a successful work/life balance is definitely attainable." Alan Dickie

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